2014 Pinewood Derby

Who has the fastest ride in Pack 249?

Come to the annual Pinewood Derby Saturday, January 11 to find out. See the race rules below.

Mandatory weigh-in Friday, January 10.

2014 Pinewood Derby Flyer









Food will be available for purchase during the race.  Any questions, contact your Den Leader or a Committee Member. 

Here’s the race day schedule :

9:00 Registration for anyone that did not register on Friday evening
**No modifications can be made during Saturday morning registration**

9:15 Tigers

10:00 Wolves

11:00 Bears

12:00 Webelos

1:00 Open (for boys who did not race or win a trophy earlier)
 & Open Other (parents, non-Scout siblings)

2:00 Pack Championship (for all trophy winners)

Rules reminder :

  1. Each racer must build a new car for this year’s race using the official Cub Scout Pinewood Derby
    kit available from your den leader.  DO NOT substitute a pre-cut hobby shop kit.
  2. Only the wheels and axles (nails) provided with the Cub Scout kit are permitted. One-piece solid
    axles, wheel bearings, washers and bushings are prohibited. Wheel shape and size cannot be modified.
    The car should not ride on springs and must be freewheeling with no starting devices.
  3. Use only dry lubricant like graphite on the axles.
  4. Details (fenders, steering wheel, driver, etc.) are allowed as long as the car specifications are not exceeded.
  5. Weights may be added to the car as long as the maximum weight is not exceeded.
  6. Trophies will be awarded in each time division for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and for Best Car Design.
    A special medal will be awarded to the Pack Champion!
  7. Cars will be inspected during registration (Friday night). A scale and extra parts will be
    available if last minute modifications are necessary. After cars are registered and inspected
    they will be held (impounded) until the race.
  8. Cars must meet the following specifications to properly fit on the track and to allow for a fair race:

Lemont Cub Scouts Pack 249 Pinewood Derby Measurements